avatex® 550
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avatex® 550

A cloth made of Sontara® material, a mix of poliester and woodpulp, characterized by high absorption capacity. Thanks to the unique structure, the wipes may be used in many different industries; the specific coarse structure makes a wipe easy to handle, and perfectly takes even larger contaminations. The dirt particles attach to the wipe and do not fall off. The wipes greatly cut down on usage, compared to the competitors’ cloths.

Suitable for applications in:

  • automotive industry- to collect filings (they stick to the wipe’s structure), grease, oils, graphite, liquid coolants;
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry- to collect acrylic, vitamin B, in the manufacture of creams, ointments and many other chemical substances;
  • food industry- to collect spices, coffee grounds, crumbs; chocolate, oil, dried-out substances (for example ketchup, pastry);

It is a great replacement for cotton cloths.

Available on perforated rolls and as folded wipes in plastic bags/ cartons. It is white in colour.

Avatex® 550 has got a certificate allowing contact of the wipes with food.